An Ode to My Wife

by Mark R. Vogel

Mountains rose between them.
Who could comprehend,
From far away,
Some future day,
The joys that fate would lend.

Years had passed between them,
The time burned on and on.
As hearts awaited,
Pained and negated,
Had hope become foregone?

Heartache grew between them,
From romantic failures past.
Was life about,
Living without,
Love that could truly last?

An ocean swirled between them,
As vast as eternity.
But time and space,
Know not their place,
In the hands of destiny.

A culture stood between them.
The two were worlds apart.
Love overcomes,
And then succumbs,
Unto it’s restless heart

Then nothing stood between them.
Their paths had finally crossed.
Their lives converged,
Their longings merged,
The years were worth the cost.

Despite the earthly boundaries,
And different ways of life,
In the end,
What does transcend,
Is the love of man and wife.

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